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Friday 28 March 2008, 02:54 PM
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PSP Audioware MixPack VST RTAS v2.0.3 Incl Keygen-AiR

PSP MixPack2 is a collection of five high-resolution,
high quality audio processors designed to improve the
quality of your digital audio tracks and mixes (VST
and RTAS for Windows. These processors were not
modeled on specific hardware analog processors, but
rather on the sound and features of many analog
circuits, with the goal of designing processors that
can assist you in taming the sterility and harshness
that often plagues digitally recorded audio. Dont
let the name of this bundle fool you - while we
worked hard to develop a plug-in pack that would help
your mixes shine, these plug-ins are high enough
quality to be at home in mastering or live tracking
situations as well. All plug-ins utilize 64-bit
double precision floating point algorithms throughout
their entire signal path and support sample rates of
up to 192kHz.

PSP MixBass2

PSP MixBass2 is a specialized low frequency processor
designed to help you achieve punchy, analog bass
sounds with your audio material. PSP MixBass2 sounds
really excellent with percussion loops, however it
can be used successfully to enhance the low end of
any audio material. How PSP MixBass2 will affect any
given audio material depends on the type of material
being processed.

PSP MixBass2 features a unique low-frequency
compression algorithm and low frequency harmonics
generator. There is a low-pass filter for the control
signal and a low cut filter within the signal path.
Finally, the Punch section includes a dynamically
controlled filter to emphasize or attenuate the
chosen mid-range frequency dynamically according to
the low-frequency material.

PSP MixTreble2

PSP MixTreble2 offers specialized processors designed
to extend the dynamic range, sharpness, clarity, and
spatiality of a signals treble frequencies, and
spatiality of high frequencies. It can improve
definition and sound quality of complete mixes, boost
characteristic features of acoustic instruments, and
revitalize archival recordings. PSP MixTreble2 can
help add presence to a track, as well as lower the
noise floor of a given track or complete mix. PSP
MixTreble2 incorporates the following four

Hiss remover - designed to help decrease the amount
of tape noise, extra-auditory high frequencies or
undesired reverberations in the high frequency range

Stereo enhancer - increases the spatiality of
processed material

Transient enhancer - designed for stimulating
flattened transients

Harmonics generator - designed for widening the
frequency range by enriching the harmonics lacking in
the processed signal.

Finally, PSP MixTreble2 also includes a switchable
soft-clipping algorithm which prevents the output
level from exceeding 0dBFS.

PSP MixPressor2

PSP MixPressor2 is a fully-featured, high precision
compressor designed to process either whole mixes or
single tracks. PSP MixPressor2 emulates the classic
characteristics of compressors with valve and opto
-electronic circuits as as classic modern compression
solutions. PSP MixPressor2 also offers a highly
configurable side-chain feature. The side-chain
filter has a significant effect on PSP MixPressor2s
sound and operation. The filter also enables the user
to operate the compressor as a de-esser or to lessen
the pumping effects of heavy kick drums and the like,
based on the side-chain settings. The PSP MixPressor2
offers a wide range of features:

a wide range of soft knee characteristics

either peak or RMS level detection

external or internal side chain signal with a smooth
bell-type filter

a output algorithm which can operate as either a
brick wall limiter or soft saturation algorithm to
preserve peaks above 0dBFS.

PSP MixPressor2 also works very well in combination
with the PSP MixSaturator2. With the PSP MixPressor2
before the PSP MixSaturator2 in the signal path
(think of a bus compressor before a tape machine),
you can employ both plug-ins simultaneously (at
subtle settings!) in order to impart a very cohesive
sound, like your mix was being produced on expensive
analog hardware. Of course, you can also reverse the
order, placing PSP MixSaturator2 before PSP
MixPressor2 - neverbe afraid to experiment!

PSP MixSaturator2

PSP MixSaturator2 simulates the way that analog
devices such as tape recorders and valve circuits
warm up and saturate your audio material. This is
achieved by adding harmonics, dedicated filtering,
and dynamic processing. PSP MixSaturator2 uses three
different algorithms to simulate these devices:

A bass frequency processing algorithm, which adds low
frequency harmonics and increases the magnitude
nonlinearities (more commonly known as the low
frequency bump) typical of analog tape recordings

A treble frequency processing algorithm, which
simulates tape saturation and high frequency loss at
high levels without increasing the level of
distortion and aliasing.

An overall saturation simulation algorithm, which
enables the user to choose between seven distinct
non-linearity curves characteristic of valve devices,
analog tape machines, and the sound of digital

PSP MixGate2

PSP MixGate2 is a professional quality high precision
noise gate that makes its debut in MixPack2 (hence
the 2 in the name, so its clear that this plug-in
only comes as part of MixPack2). The gate is fully
configurable and can operate fast enough for special
effects (such as stuttering audio) and smoothly
enough to gate unwanted noise without sounding

PSP MixGate2 includes both high and low pass filters
so as to tailor the control signal. By filtering out
unwanted frequencies, you can ensure that only the
desired frequency can trigger the gate.

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